Thursday, September 08, 2005

SAT October 8th Occupy the Occupiers 2

Saturday October 8th at the Westwood Federal Building. Join us for an all day music and cultural event to Drive the Bush Regime from Office. Bring your tents decorated with slogans, your artwork, your information tables and most important just yourself! Get juiced up! Get organized! Now is the time. We can change the world!
Contact Xochitl at for information on outreach and participation.

Confirmed Bands and Artists

Aztlan Underground
error collective
Blood Sugar
Mas O Menos
The Crux
Natural Cause
Buen Estar
Chicano Secret Service
Panda Panda
Holly Burton and The Patriot Acts
Shoshana Vogel
The Aesthetic Crew
Nathan Payne Memorial Service
DJ David Bonobo
Playing In Traffic
Hollywood 78

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